Frequently Asked Questions

> What do my plans include?

Full Construction Set:
  • Floor Plans & Elevations
  • Footing/Foundation Plan
  • Cross Section/Details
  • Floor/Roof Framing Plan
  • Basic Site Plan
  • Engineering Shown on Plan

Additional Options:
  • Site Visits
  • Interior Elevations
  • Renderings
  • Trim/Finish Specification Sheet
  • Window/Door Schedules
  • Complex Site Plan
  • Brag Sheet (for builders looking to build home multiple times)
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> What is the difference between a Home Designer and an Architect?

Both are well qualified to do residential design. We believe you can get a great quality home design without needing to pay the Architect price.

> Why choose Joe Carrick Design?

Joe Carrick Design is a quality designer with competitive pricing. We've designed in many markets and have utilized many styles. We have grown mostly upon word of mouth and work hard to make sure our customers are proud of their new homes. When the newness wears off, you want a home that will be functional and timeless. We will design with those aspects in mind.

We are preferred by many builders. Our understanding of structural issues saves homeowners money in the long run.

> Is there an initial consultation fee?

No, we're happy to sit down and discuss your wish list and budget at no cost to you.

> What should I bring to start the process?

A wish list including (but not limited to): likes, dislikes, square footage needs, exterior style preference, room needs, room sizes, position preferences for rooms, and view directions, etc. Also, lot information, city requirements, CC&R's and anything else that will help determine the look and feel of the home would be helpful. Contact us for more information.

> Why choose an existing design?

The advantage of choosing an existing design is cost. We have many plans to choose from that were once custom designs. Modifications to these plans can be done at a competitive rate. However, if your modifications are extensive, you may want to consider a custom design.

> Why choose custom design?

A custom design offers many advantages over an existing plan. With a custom drawn plan, we can design the house to exactly what you're looking for while making it cost effective in the long run. There is more flexibility in taking your ideas and our experience to create the ideal plan. There are also great benefits in not having $/hr. constraints.

> Other plans other than what's on website?

Yes, we have many plans to choose from that are not on our website. We are always happy to do a little research on our end to find the plan that will fit you the closest. Often, that saves time and money by not making too many modifications to a plan.

> If I find a house that I like, can I go see it?

That depends on who built the house. For privacy reasons there are addresses that we will not reveal. If there is a builder that built the house, occasionally they can make arrangements for you to see it.

> Do my plans need to be engineered?

Although there are cities that may not require structural engineering, we highly recommend having your plans engineered.

> Can JCD tell me how much it will cost to build my home?

We have a good understanding of what options will save you money over others. If you are looking for specific cost breakdowns, you will need to have your plans bid by a general contractor or sub-contractors.

> When can I start getting bids from contractors?

There are many options. We can better answer this question by speaking with you directly. Contact us.

> Will my plans be enough for a building permit?

Yes, we pride ourselves in having clean, builder-friendly, and city-friendly plans. Many cities have different requirements. Some may involve your builder or a specific contractor. However, we're happy to do our best in guiding you. We ask for any and all city requirements upfront so we can do as much as possible before the plan review.

> If my city requests corrections on my plans, do I have to pay for the updates?

No, unless it is a big change and we did not receive the information before finishing the plans. Most often, cities will only have small changes and we’ll do them for free. However, it is not usual for our plans to have updates.

> How can I see the side and rear elevations of a home I like on your website?

Contact us, we'll send you all the floor plans and elevations via PDF files. Speaking with you also allows us to get an idea of what you're looking for and we can often send you other options for consideration.

> Do I own the plans once they are finished?

The plans are property of Joe Carrick Design and are copyrighted as such. We grant you a one-time build of the home. If you plan to use the plans again, you will need to come in and purchase a reuse of the plans. If you are planning to build the home multiple times, we offer multiple builds at a discounted rate. (Contact us for details)
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