> Cliff and Holly Woodman

My wife and I could not be more satisfied with our entire experience with Joe Carrick Design! Joe's vast experience, meticulous attention to detail and superior ability to orchestrate a custom home is unmatched in the valley. What we valued most was how JCD injected so many insightful suggestions into our original ideal home design. Joe made us feel comfortable, he communicated extremely well and we knew all along that the home he designed for us would be well thought out and would carry his trademark curb appeal. We cannot say enough about the professional product that JCD produces. We feel we have made caring, genuine friends for life and appreciate doing business with men of such high integrity. Thank you Joe and James for creating such a beautiful custom home for us! Cliff and Holly

> Jonathan & Erin Guenter

Joe Carrick Designs not only met our expectations, Joe and his staff exceeded them! After searching for a home for over a year we decided that we weren't going to find what we wanted. When we met Joe, we had very specific layout ideas and he took our vision and created our dream home! Working with him was a delightful experience, as we felt were working with a longtime friend. Not only did he translate our 'wish list' to a house plan reality, his experience and well thought out suggestions helped improve it. We developed a real friendship through the process and cannot wait to have Joe and his family over when the house is complete!

> A. Johnson, Orem

Joe Carrick Design was great to work with. We appreciated their established and strong team that helped us take all of our ideas and dreams and make them a reality. Joe came highly recommended with good reason! They're a great choice!

> Leland Sycamore

We have had the pleasure of working with Joe Carrick Design. They were very willing to work with us, and make our ideas turn into our dream home. They designed our plan how we wanted. They have been so great to come out and meet with us on site after construction for more input. They were prompt to address changes, and their quality and accuracy were great. They met all our wants and needs in our custom home. I would highly recommend Joe Carrick Design for your next home.

> Clint and Sherry Argyle

When considering someone to design our home, Joe Carrick Design has to be on your list. They are professional, fast, flexible and insightful. Joe and his team have extensive experience and a tone of talent. I gave them the general idea of what we wanted and they made our ideas into the perfect home for our family.

> Matt McEwan - McEwan Custom Homes

The McEwan Custom Homes team knows that a great set of house plans is the foundation for a great building experience. From the bidding process and throughout construction, Joe Carrick Design plays a vital role in providing a clean, detailed, and properly engineered set of plans for our team. Their detailed plan information helps us in establishing solid budgets and realistic cost breakdowns. From pouring the footings to framing the roof, Joe Carrick Design along with their engineering partners, have worked seamlessly to provide our tradesmen with the technical information needed to build a home that withstands the test of time. Joe Carrick Design adds great value to the overall building experience and McEwan Custom Homes is proud to have them as part of our team.

> Jared and Tanya Mangum

When we made the decision to build a home, I met with a couple of good builders to discuss the design and build process. They emphasized the need to have a well thought out and highly detailed plan, and that having the prints done correctly could save us thousands during the build process. When I asked the builders for references, Joe Carrick Design was at the top of their list. After selecting JCD and working with them to develop our plans, I would give the same recommendation.

Joe and his staff are professional, fast, and efficient. They did an excellent job listening to our needs and concerns and were able to offer numerous suggestions based on their years of experience. There were a number of details discussed and suggestions made concerning items that my wife and I had not even considered. I greatly appreciated that they were quick to respond to our questions and concerns. They were also very patient with us when we needed time to make a decision.

However, one of the things that made working with Joe a truly great experience was how personable he and his staff are. We were very grateful for his honesty and approachability. At the end of the day, you felt that you were working with a friend who wanted to make sure that you were happy with the final results.

> Max and Claudia Simmons

Joe Carrick and his staff are creatively and innovatively the best! They moved at the required pace, achieved the results we desired and made the suggestions needed to improve and enhance the plans for our new home. Now we're living in what was a mere dream earlier this year. Thank you all.

> Richard and Janice Brady

We have relied on Joe Carrick to design two homes for our family. In both cases, the results have been beautiful, functional and very responsive to our unique situations. We highly recommend Joe Carrick and his design team.

It is easy to communicate with Joe. He listens, asks appropriate questions and really tries to understand the dreams, needs and emotions that a homeowner brings to the design process. He has an unusual ability to take an idea and turn it into a design reality. He is proactive. In many cases, he has expanded or adjusted our ideas into something far better than we could have imagined. Contractors have a high regard for the designs that Joe produces.

We have spent hours with Joe, in email exchanges, phone calls and consultations in his office. He and his team have been totally professional and, at the same time, totally personal. They have gone out of their way to respond to our needs and desires. We consider Joe a trusted friend, with whom we can share the family and financial considerations that are essential to designing a new home. We are quick to recommend Joe Carrick to any of our friends who want to design a home.

> Davy & Becky Crockett

My wife and I would like to express our thanks for the critical support given to us by your team. When we were searching for a plan that both of us could agree on, we contacted various designers

The administrative assistant, quickly set your company apart from the others. She responded within hours of our initial request with a dozen plans that fit our building scope. Every time we requested a minor difference in plan, she had three or four plans that featured our requests. By the time the other companies had returned our initial emails, we had found our base plan and scheduled a time to meet with Joe.

Our meeting with Joe went exactly as we had hoped. He guided us through the design changes and gave us great advice. Any time we asked his opinion, he answered honestly and never treated us with anything other than professionalism and thoughtfulness.

We received an estimate on the modifications and within a week, we had a plan taylor-made to our expectations and engineering for the city. The cost was exactly what we had been quoted and we walked out of the office with our dream home in our hands.

Now that we are finished, we can't thank you enough for the wonderful plan. We are still excited every day we drive up to our home and much of that is due to detail and expertise of the plan.


> Tom and Kim Winward - Nevada

We live in Henderson, Nevada and have been visiting the Parade of Home in Utah County for many years searching for our dream home. When we decided to build our dream home, we went directly to Joe Carrick Designs website. We were always impressed with the layout and designs which they offered. Their designs always seemed to be the perfect mix between form and functionality. We searched the website and found a couple of homes that were close to what we wanted. We called the office with some questions and they sent us additional plans which were even closer to what we wanted. Through phone calls and email they were able to modify the plan to fit our needs. The process was very easy and being out of town wasn't an issue. Our home is not only elegant but functional for a family. The team at Joe Carrick Design were friendly, helpful and in general great people. We would and have recommended them to anyone who is planning on building their dream home. It was a pleasure working with your staff and thank you for giving us the home of our dreams.

> Robert and Ange Workman

We are writing this letter of recommendation for Joe Carrick Design. We have worked with Joe for the past year and a half on the design of our new home and outbuildings in Morgan County, Utah. We have been very pleased with the work he has done for us, and he has had many great ideas that we have been able to incorporate into our structures. His knowledge of design and construction was extremely helpful as we had to make decisions about the layout of our buildings and the types of materials to use. He has always been very helpful and available when we have needed him. We were able to complete the design planning stage in a very timely manner. Besides our home, he has helped us with the design on two pavilions, two cabins, a covered bridge, and an equipment barn. It has been very exciting for us to see the drawings that were on paper come to life as the structures are built and completed. We would highly recommend his company to anyone. Many people who have seen our structures have been very impressed with them.

> David and DeAnn Erickson

Joe Carrick Design just completed the plans for our new home. Joe was able to incorporate all of our ideas in addition to giving creative input on the final touches. We believe that his talent has made our plan unique as well as functional. The home was designed to be cost effective in construction, but still maintain an incredibly esthetic and pleasing structure. All of our wishes were incorporated into the plan. Joe Carrick's experience and talent created and designed a home that exceeded our expectations.

An intensive covenant list and unique lot would be challenging for some, but Joe was able to use those challenges to our benefit. Our home, in our opinion is matchless considering that the neighborhood requirements lend themselves to the possibility of everything looking too similar. Joe and his staff have been more than accommodating even after the project was completed. Our association committee has required numerous supporting documents and Joe's associates gladly provided those documents for us. We have told Joe many times that we think our plan is among the best he has ever done. Joe Carrick made it personal for us; thus making the perfect home for our family. We highly recommend Joe Carrick Design.

Thank You!

> Michael D. Parry - Michael D. Parry Construction

Joe Carrick is one of the premier home designers in Utah County. Joe and his staff have designed many single family homes for me and my clients. Not only are they very proficient, but they are also personable and friendly. They care about their clients and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that they are providing excellent service and a quality product.

As a general building contractor, we have worked with many architects and home designers. We have found Joe Carrick Design to be among the best. He is experienced, talented, and professional. His design, layout, and architectural balance are exceptional. Joe is an artist; he has the unique ability to work with people, determine their wants and needs, and incorporate their ideas into a well-designed plan that will often surpass their expectations. I highly recommend Joe Carrick and his very competent staff.

> John Smiley - Smiley Properties

I had Joe Carrick Design help me with two different house plans and was very impressed with the final product. My contractor commented on the ease of using "good and complete" plans. After spending several thousand dollars with two different architects on a several million dollar project and not getting what I wanted, but getting renderings showing me what the architect wanted, I decided to go back to Joe Carrick Design to see what he could do fore me on a project of this magnitude. The results could not have been better.

I have received numerous compliments on my buildings, compliments that range from interior layout to the timeless appeal of the exterior design. It was a real challenge to design a building that would stand out and make a statement, yet not be obnoxious in its appearance.

After the success of our first large project we have launched two other large projects and have used the Joe Carrick Design team for both of them, with similar results and success. We know we are going to get a good set of plans for construction, but more importantly we return to take advantage of the creativity our projects have enjoyed thus far.

> Ken Cordner - Design Build Contractors

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Joe Carrick Design of Spanish Fork, UT. Our company has retained the services of Joe Carrick Design on the majority of the custom home projects that we have constructed over the past 5-6 years. Design Build Contractors is a custom home contractor with extensive experience in constructing high end luxury style homes for clients with discriminating taste and a demand for excellence in design and craftsmanship. We have endeavored to develop a reputation of integrity and personal commitment to each project that we undertake and strive to associate with others in the construction industry with similar qualities. Many people feel as we do that a Custom home builder is only as good as the subcontractors he employs to work on his projects and that is certainly true of our situation.

In a highly competitive industry we have to work extremely hard for each home that we sell and part of what we bring to the table is the ability to create the perfect design for our customers. Each time I have directed a client to Joe Carrick Design or come to them personally with a unique idea for a custom speculative build job I have been completely satisfied with their performance and professional manner. Many times I have presented Joe with challenging situations which have required a high level of creativity and expertise. In each situation I have been not only satisfied as to the level of quality and ingenuity, but in many instances the end project design has surpassed the initial requirements that my clients have requested. Even in situations where I may have had clients who have been challenging or demanding Joe has been thoughtful and patient in working through concerns they have had through the design process. Joe has an excellent staff that is very responsive and efficient. I have often had deadlines that were important for me to meet and they have been sensitive to my desires to have projects started and completed on time and have many times worked extra hours to ensure that I could keep my commitments to clients.

Joe Carrick Design has developed a reputation as one of the premier custom home designers in Utah. Along with their accomplishments in design a major reason for this is that as builders we need plans that not only flow well, but that are builder friendly and easy to read. Many times subcontractors including framers have commented on the ease of building plans designed by Joe Carrick. Custom home plans can often be difficult if not impossible to build if they are not also value engineered for ease of construction. Changes in home design because of mistakes can be costly and time consuming and are a builder's worst nightmare. I have always been extremely satisfied with the attention to detail and forethought involved in each new project completed by Joe and his staff.

I look forward to a long and prosperous business association as well as personal friendship with Joe Carrick and members of his design team.

> Davis Family - 2011 UVHBA Parade Winner

I had been working on drawing up plans for our dream home for years. I had kept ideas from several homes we'd walked through and based my ideas on combining two of my very favorite homes. 8 years later when we were ready to build we were delighted to be working with Joe. After the process had been well under way, I pulled out the original home plans I had loved and discovered that all of them had been Joe's. It was a pleasant irony to find that we were using the designer who had already designed homes that we loved. It was also very reassuring to know that he has such a strong reputation that has stood the test of time. Joe was able to take our ideas and make them even better. He creatively thought of ways to maximize space without wasted square footage. He made our home's layout more functional and beautiful that we had imagined. We loved working with Joe. His experience and expertise saved us thousands on construction. It's not very often that the finished product is better than you have been imagining. I loved watching our home come to life from paper to reality.

While we had pretty specific ideas about the interior layout of our home, we had no ideas about the exterior elevations. We wanted something that was unique but timeless. A home that was warm and inviting to family and friends but also had an element of formality and good curb appeal. We showed Joe a few pictures but mostly just communicated verbally what we liked. He was able to take the limited information we provided and create a look that I immediately and completely loved and also met the ccr requirements for our neighborhood. Joe created an exterior with the perfect blend of warmth and friendliness with the quality and distinction of an estate.

I loved how quickly Joe responded. My questions and concerns were always quickly answered and resolved. I never had to keep track of things I had communicated. Things were always done in an organized way so I always knew he was carefully considering all of my communication. With a busy, young family, Joe made it easy to communicate via e-mail and phone so we could design the home we wanted together with ample communication and still fit into our busy schedule.

We loved the design of our home so much, we had Joe custom design a unique playhouse for the kids in the back yard. Joe was creative and practical and helped us design a playhouse that will survive for generations.
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